The Law Offices of Paul B. Rosen PC
Paul B. Rosen, Chief Legal Officer
Benson Financial Trust

Paul B. Rosen is a Board-Certified attorney who is licensed in Texas and New York and has been practicing law for over 44 years. Mr. Rosen leads the legal practice of Law of Paul B. Rosen, PC and is the founding Senior Partner emeritus at The Rosen Law Group in Houston Texas. He is the Chief Legal Officer for Benson Financial Trust.

Mr. Rosen previously served as Legal Counsel for Masters Trust, handling all litigation and legal matters. After Masters Trust prevailed in several litigation cases from 2012-2014, involving trust copyrights and contractual violations utilizing Mr. Rosen, the Trustees of Masters Trust assigned and transferred all its copyrights to Benson Financial Trust. Mr. Rosen is a Member of Benson Financial Trust.

Various Copyrighted Trusts are now sold by Benson Financial Trust but only to duly authorized distributors. Benson Financial provides various types of trusts all of which are exclusively copyrighted by/through Masters Trust/Benson Financial, including a Complex Irrevocable Non-Grantor Spendthrift Trust used in Estate Planning.