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“The “Mystery Man” behind the curtain changing the ways the game is played in the world of taxation. He is delivering strategies many assume are exclusive only to the world’s elite, the mission to empower business owners aiming to minimize taxes and grow generational wealth. Damon is the guy you get introduced to —often through a coveted referral— when a business owner gets serious about finding the best of the best in accounting and tax expertise.”

“There’s a difference between being Rich and being Wealthy. They aren’t the same game.” – Damon Van Fleet Ritchhart



We designed everything from day one to be your one stop white glove service for all Accounting and Tax needs. Our mission from day 1 has been to take an industry that is notoriously reactive and make proactive moves hand in had with business owners that massively cut their tax bills and grow the wealth of the Entrepreneur.

… From our inception, we envisioned a one-stop, white-glove service catering to all your Accounting and Tax requirements. Our founding mission was to revolutionize an industry known for its reactivity. By working hand-in-hand with business owners, we make proactive moves that significantly reduce tax bills, amplifying the wealth and success of the entrepreneur.

“Have a successful day!”

… and be sure to locate our office on the map below.

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