• Company Name: Incisive Financial Services (IFS)

  • Address: Dallas, Texas @ Virtual

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  • Office: (469) 742-3888

  • Cellular: (469) 742-3888


“I have started in the financial industry since 2013. I believe in levering resources for more benefits. I became a tax strategist since 2018 to help from individuals level to midsize business level. My clients chose to work with me because I am very transparent and find ways to maximize benefits for them. I do go outside of my comfort zone to help my clients.”

“Leverage resources to get richer retirement.” – Tuan Thanh Phan



At IFS (Incisive Financial Services), we always try our best to bring in values that best suite for our clients. We are always looking for unique resources to learn and to add on to provide more values for our clients. At IFS, we are willing to welcome business partners onboard and to share our knowledge and resources in order to maximize our clients’ benefits.

… Spend a 15-minute talking with me about your financial situation could potentially gain 50% or more from where you are now.

“Have a successful day!”

… and be sure to locate our office on the map below.